Always wanted to adopt a pet but unable to do so because of family, space or time constraints? With CUPA, you can passively adopt one of our rescues – a dog, a cat, a horse, a cow, a goat or any rescue that you bond with for as little as Rs. 3000 per month. Sponsor their monthly expenses for food & medical care while they continue residing at our shelter. Our team will take care of them while you can visit them to spend quality time as and when you like!

Dog – Ganga

This extremely amicable Indian Senior mixed breed is one of the nicest seniors of the Geriatric centre, her USP is she loves to welcome visitors, happily greets them and nudges them to pamper her! She is still looking for a passive parent who aid her

Dog – Oscar

This captivating intense face belongs to Oscar, a senior resident of CUPA Geriatric Center, aged 13 years .Oscar Loves his space ,loves company of other seniors folks. This handsome Indian breed is looking to be passively adopted.Come,passively adopt Oscar and aid him

Dog – Muffin

Muffin was treated at CUPA Trauma Centre and later moved to to CUPA Geriatic Centre in Aug 2018. He is a around 12-14 yrs old and is as sweet and fluffy.

Dog – Maggie

Maggie was abused & attacked curelly by a group of street dog haters several times. This led to severe trauma to her limbs & since then she has been unable to use her hind leg limbs.

Dog – Smiley

Smiley is one of those excitable seniors who welcomes visitors right at the the entrance. He is extremely loving, sweet natured & affable.

Dog – Gunda

Gunda is an extremely amicable, photogenic, loving blind senior who was brought into MGC in Dec 2016.

Dog – Tarak

Tarak is an 11 year old senior who is suffering from renal issues & is currently undergoing treatment for the same.

Dog – Devi

Devi was treated at CUPA Trauma & Rescue Centre and brought to CUPA Geriatric in December 2015. With striking features & kohl lined eyes, she possesses a sweet, blissful nature.

Dog – Ammu

Ammu was found abandoned and Ammu loves visitors & rought to CUPA Geriatric Centre. She is usually is the first to greet them with a lot of excitement.

Dog – Arha

Arha was brought into MGC from CUPA Trauma & Rescue Centre in June 2021. She is extremely docile, friendly and affectionate but loves her own space.

Cow – Hathor

Hathor was injured as she anxiously tried to escape a noisy crowd. She was brought to CUPA LARRC for treatment and is now a permanent resident.

Bull – Neelakanta

Neelkantha was found with a deep gash across his throat, exposing the flesh underneath. He rescued and brought to CUPA LARRC for recovery and is now a permanent resident.

Buffalo – Stuart Little

Stuart Little was abandoned near a police station when he was just 4 days old! This was because he is a male calf who is of little economic use to the dairy industry.

Goat – Beyonce

Beyonce was brought to CUPA LARRC when she was rescued from a potential attacker from the streets during the peak of COVID in 2020.

Cow – Asha

Asha was found in a terrible state with several broken bones after being a victim of a road accident. She was brought to CUPA LARRC in June 2019 for recovery.

Bull – Basava

Basava, a gentle but playful bull was brought into LARRC in November 2017s