CUPA Centre

CUPA Head Office

Coordinating between 5 centers spread across the ends of the city is no easy task, but it is one that is handled by the administrative office located in Ulsoor. The team here is responsible for streamlining all activities and initiatives undertaken by CUPA.

The media and communications team is responsible for the flow of information, both within the organization and to the public. This team also handles the responsibility of raising funds for the organization and providing updates to all of our donors, volunteers, and supporters. Planning of events as well as it’s logistical work is looked over by the same team. Complaints regarding cruelty to animals or illegal breeders are recorded and dealt with at this center.

The accounts department maintains all financial records of the organization. All donations are received here and are then appropriately allocated. We work in tandem with animal welfare organizations all over the country as well as government officials, the BBMP, donors, rescue groups, and so on and as such it is essential that all proceedings be well documented.

This center exists purely as an administrative body and is not equipped to deal with medical emergencies.


Kensington Apts, Flat A-3,
First Floor, 18/1 Ulsoor Cross Road,
Off Bazaar Street, Ulsoor,
Bangalore 560008
  • Timings: 10 am – 5 pm, Monday – Saturday
  • Email:
Pam Brown

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