CUPA (Compassion Unlimtied Plus Action) was established in October 1991 by Ms. Crystal Rogers – an inspiring 85 year old animal activist and two young animal lovers – Ms. Suparna Ganguly along with Dr. Shiela Rao at Bangalore who were the founding trustees.

Today, CUPA, now 31 years old & one of the oldest animal welfare organisations in the country, runs seven centres in Bangalore city that work with diverse causes:

  • Trauma & Rescue Centre provides free medical care for community animals
  • Geriatric Centre is a permanent retirement home for 60+ blind & senior dogs
  • Large Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre (LARRC) offers rescue abandoned, sick & injured large working animals
  • Sarjapur Spay & Neuter Centre for sterilising dogs outside BBMP Limits
  • Second Chance Adoption Centre for abandoned pets & finding them a new home
  • Community Cat Sterilisation Facility
  • Small Animal Speciality Hospital for state-of-the-art pet care & grooming. Funds from this facility are redirected to our rescue efforts & rehabilitation shelters.

Our Mission

  • To prevent cruelty to animals.
  • To protect them from injury.
  • To promote animal care and welfare.
  • To foster the human-animal relationship.
  • To inculcate humanistic values among humans.
  • To help the sick, the injured, the needy, the exploited, the handicapped and the starved.
  • To bring about respect and balance in the human-animal relationship and mutual



Mr. Birendra Nath Das


Ms. Suparna Ganguly


Ms. Sanober Bharucha


Dr. Shiela Rao


Mr. Santosh Rajashekar


Ms. Rajani Badami


Apart from our visionary trustees, we are a team of 100+ employees, vets, shelter staff & consultants who work towards bringing CUPA’s mission to life every day.

Head Office

Small Animal Speciality Hospital Team

Second Chance Adoption Team

Trauma & Rescue Team

Mylappanahalli Geriatric Team

Work with Us

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