CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre

“Dogs have a way of finding people and filling a void we didn’t know we had”

CUPA has been long been a dumping ground for abandoned and unwanted pets. Sometimes, CUPA has confiscated pets from indifferent owners or stone-hearted breeders, and sheltered them at the Hebbal shelter from where they are treated and rehomed.

The new CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre was inaugurated on 10th March 2018. We were able to fulfill the various much needed requirements for an adoption center thanks to Sonata Software Ltd, Ms. Rohini Nilekani, The Byramjee Foundation, The Chandri Devi Bangur Charitable Trust, Mr. Aditya Raheja and many others who contributed significantly.

Our adoptions are not limited to Bangalore – our rescues have been adopted in homes on the shores of Mangalore, Goa and Chennai and many adopters keep in touch with us via phone and email. Each adoption is treated with utmost care and especially first time adopters are educated on the A to Z of pet care. We encourage prospective adopters to get to know the dogs by visiting us a few times and making sure the entire family interacts with the dog. Passive adopters (those who love pets but may not be able to one home) are welcome to sponsor a dog’s care and come to bond with their ward anytime.

Corporate and school groups are very welcome! Professionals and children alike loved the place and have returned with their families. We have some excellent volunteers who help us on a regular basis and honestly the dogs would not look so happy if they didn’t visit and help us so often.

CUPA encourages people and families to visit our Second Chance Adoption centre where, besides adopting a rescued dog, folks could also understand that pets are very much like children and that they need care and attention too. It is always a good idea to understand a dog’s behavior and what it entails to have a pet. Finally, when you are sure you are ready to ‘build that bond’, always opt to adopt, do not buy from breeders.

What to expect when you’re adopting a doggie?

With these few simple tips, your pet adoption experience can be one of the most happy experiences of your life. Himalaya walks you through the various things you can expect, when you have decided to take home your furry bundle of joy.

Doggie Adoption – Do’s and Dont’s

This video, also by Himalaya, equips you with the information and tips you need to make sure you are handling your pet the right way, and doing everything you can to make his transition from shelter to home a smooth one. Your pet will thank you for this!

Himalaya Gifts CUPA a Vibrant Center!

Himalaya has been a strong crusader for CUPA’s dog adoption through their #BuildABond campaign. Extending this association, Himalaya gave CUPA Second Chance Adoption Center an exciting new look with a colorful makeover in March 2017. Watch Himalaya give CUPA a wonderful makeover which was completed in just one weekend!

The center was painted with lively orange color and absolutely adorable paw prints tracing the walls. The dog kennels were lined with funky name plates to spell out the names of our cute pets for the visitors. As another extra dose of pampering for our paw pals, we contributed Himalaya Companion Care goodies such as Erina Shampoo, Erina Powder, Fur Glow, Liv.52, FreshCoat with fresh towels, plants, leashes, collars, and CUPA posters for the center and the van.

Himalaya has been sponsoring the care of several of our rescued dogs for the last three years at CUPA, by covering costs of their food, shelter, medicines and other needs every month. Thank you, Himalaya!

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CUPA Adoption Center Second Chance
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