Bull – Neelakanta

Neelkantha was found with a deep gash across his throat, exposing the flesh underneath. The wound was caused due to a tightly bound rope around his neck which was placed when he was younger. As he grew, the rope kept digging into his flesh, choking him & cutting through it & almost touching his oesophagus.

It is amazing that he managed to survive so long with such a severe injury. He was brought to CUPA Large Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre where our vets treated him immediately & gave him lots of love, care & attention to speed up his recovery.

Neelkantha has fully recovered and is now a permanent resident of at CUPA LARRC. You can visit him & even passively adopt him by sponsoring his expenses, hanging out with him over weekends & helping us look after him.

  • Name: Neelakanta
  • Age: Unknown
  • Breed: Bull
  • Sex: Male
  • Features: Cream

Through passive adoption, you can sponsor the meals & basic needs of the animal on a monthly basis without taking them home. We look after them, provide medical care & grooming while they continue to live at our centre. Your sponsorship enables us to focus our resources on maintaining & upgrading our infrastructure & veterinary care facilities. You can visit your adoptee as often as you’d like & ensure they live the rest of their days with security, stability & love.

For more details or queries, write to communications@cupaindia.org before you decide to make your contribution.