Buffalo – Stuart Little

Stuart Little was abandoned near a police station when he was just 4 days old! This was because he is a male calf who is of little economic use to the dairy industry. Male calves are often separated from their mother immediately after birth to access their mother’s milk while they themselves are deprived of it, abandoned & left to fend for themselves!

Our team at CUPA was alerted & Stuart Little was was picked & brought over to our centre. On examination, our vets discovered that he was severely dehydrated, fatigued & missing the nurturing presence of his mother. Upon arrival, Stuart was immediately put on fluids & was started off on bottle fed milk.

After a few days, another cow who had recently lost her calf & had met with an accident found Stuart & decided to foster him as her own! Though his foster mother was very kind & nurturing, Little Stuart missed his own mother’s tender love. He would often fall sick with fever & had to be monitored continuously for days together.

After years of care, treatment & nurture at CUPA shelter, Stuart is a handsome 4 year old who loves human company & lots of belly rubs! He particularly loves to be around volunteers. His eyes are gentle & full of innocence that can win the hearts of all who look upon him ❤️

Consider passively adopting Stuart – as your own pet & family member while he continues to remain at CUPA Large Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre where our team tends to his needs. You can visit him, hang out with him & sponsor his meals & medication. Give him the family he so desperately misses!

  • Name: Stuart Little
  • Age: 5-6 yrs
  • Breed: Buffalo
  • Sex: Male
  • Features: Dark Brown

Through passive adoption, you can sponsor the meals & basic needs of the animal on a monthly basis without taking them home. We look after them, provide medical care & grooming while they continue to live at our centre. Your sponsorship enables us to focus our resources on maintaining & upgrading our infrastructure & veterinary care facilities. You can visit your adoptee as often as you’d like & ensure they live the rest of their days with security, stability & love.

For more details or queries, write to communications@cupaindia.org before you decide to make your contribution.