How do I report an injured animal?

We come across animals who are victims of human violence, road accidents or any other injuries very often. The lack of timely intervention is what leads to the increasing seriousness of these issues, that could even turn fatal.

Identify cases in which you can directly help an animal in distress. Instances like small injuries with community animals can usually be treated with some basic first aid items if you possess the required knowledge, or could be taken to the local vet under your care.

In case of emergencies, where immediate intervention is required, contact your local animal welfare NGOs for help- and ensure you are willing to take on the responsibility and work with the NGO throughout the course. This being said it is important to understand we work on a priority basis to help extreme cases of injury & trauma- and may not be able to respond to all the overwhelming number of cases that come in.

If you spot an animal that is sick, injured to such an extend that they are unable to fend for themselves, contact your vet or local NGO to seek immediate medical help.

When the animal is in a life threatening situation & unable to extricate itself, seek help from either of these sources and follow through on the process and take responsibility of supporting the animal until recovery.

Are you ready to adopt a pet?

You’ve heard it before and you will never hear enough of it, but adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment & responsibility. There is a lot of mental preparedness that is required before making the decision to bring home a pet. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:-

Do you live a busy life, that would could affect your ability to make a long term investment & commitment to care for them throughout their life?
Can the apartment or house you live in accommodate the animal, and provides it with adequate space to play and exercise?
Will your family members/ people you share a home with be supportive of your decision to bring in a pet.
Are you willing to be patient & put in the effort to train the animal to get acquainted with you, your home & your new routine?
Are you willing to financially provide to look after the dietary & medical needs of the pet?
If you plan on relocating to a new place will you be able to make arrangements to continue to provide for them?

What is the animal adoption process?

Animal Welfare Shelters work with hundreds of sick & abandoned animals who have been through traumatic experiences including injuries, abandonment or cruelty. A huge amount of effort, time & dedication goes into the rescue & rehabilitate process of these animals so they may find loving permanent homes. There is thus a strict process set in place to ensure there are no issues or complications that will further cause problems to our rescues.

Interested adopters will have to fill the google form to apply- where personal information will be collected along with details regarding the specificatios for specific dogs (age, gender, breed etc) and the reason for the same. This can help ascertain compatibility between the potential adopters and our animals.

After the questionnaire is filled, our team will then actively work towards finding you the right dog and you will be contacted you once we have identified the right match for you. This can be a long lengthy process with a long wait that requires a lot of patience on your end.(You are requested to not follow-up repeatedly)
Once this step is complete, you will be allowed to meet the animal from out shelter to determine whether you are the perfect fit for each other. Multiple in- person visits and mandatory pre-adoption checks will be done through our team. After interaction, and understanding behaviour of the specific animal, an informed decision is to be made.
After decision is made you can acwuire the medical documents and historybrevord from the center- fill the official adoption form and submission of other required certificates to complete the process.
Take your fur baby home.

What are the things I should know before adopting a rescue?

Sometimes, people decide to adopt a dog imagining only the happy times without realizing the huge responsibility that comes with it.

Rescued dogs in shelters like ours, come with a background that is almost always traumatic.These problems are attended to following which they are rehabillitated to help familiarize them to a new lifestyle.

There are a few things to keep in mind before adopting a rescue which include:

Coming from different backgrounds & spending time within a shelter with other rescues, you may have to invest a lot of time and effort into training- to help familiarize them with new people and a new home.

The dog depending on their specific history, may require walks, specific exercises, and enough space to move about in a new home.

They may fall ill and require you to spend money and time to take care of them and make up for what they were denied initially.

While the dog will love you unconditionally, s/he may sometimes need extra attention, care… and you WILL have to come through!