Cow – Hathor

Hathor here was rescued next to the S J Park police station near Town Hall in Bengaluru city. A public demonstration was being held outside Town Hall which got a bit loud & noisy. This often induces anxiety & stress in animals & agitates them.
The presence of so many people & the chaotic environment made Hathor quite nervous & she jumped over a fence to get away from the commotion. In this process, she was badly injured. The police force upon seeing her condition contacted @cupa_larrc to assist with her treatment. While she has now recovered & is fit & healthy, she continues to reside at our shelter and is up for passive adoption.

  • Name: Hathor
  • Age: Unknown
  • Breed: Cow
  • Sex: Female
  • Features: White with black spots

Through passive adoption, you can sponsor the meals & basic needs of the animal on a monthly basis without taking them home. We look after them, provide medical care & grooming while they continue to live at our centre. Your sponsorship enables us to focus our resources on maintaining & upgrading our infrastructure & veterinary care facilities. You can visit your adoptee as often as you’d like & ensure they live the rest of their days with security, stability & love.

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