This visually impaired 9-year-old mixed breed senior was abandoned near a residential area. His enigmatic eyes and cheery face belie the pain he has endured in the past Always ready to take risks his ‘never give up’ attitude doesn’t make anyone feel sorry for him. He is our struggler and never fails to make us proud. Come and passively adopt him from CUPA-Geriatric centre (MGC)
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Gunda (11 years old) undoubtedly one of the most handsome seniors of CUPA-MGC is known to us as a true fighter! He was picked up from one of the busiest streets of Bengaluru. It is unknown how he lost his sight(blind) and how he managed to survive on the streets all his life until an animal lover found him unable to fend for himself. Become a part of Gunda’s life by passively adopting him from CUPA-Geriatric centre (MGC)
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Antonio is a young goat who was found in a storm water drain badly bruised. He was treated, nursed, kept in isolation and given good food. The little boy soon gained strength, recovered from his injuries and was sometimes confused into thinking that he was a dog, since he was recuperating in CUPA’s Trauma Centre which has over 80 dogs at any given time.He is now at the Large Animals Centre, center of attraction. When not in his enclosure he is taken for a walk with a leash much to the amusement of everyone around.
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7-year-old Indie, Devi has one of the most apt names, her favourite pastime involves sniffing around trees, bushes etc. When outdoors she pinpoints these little treasures which she will dig-up and keep in her collection of treasure horde. Her warm, affectionate, amiable self will melt you into loving her, while she brings about a sweetness with a hint of fun crunch into your life.
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Summer always brings with it joy, happiness and new life – summer of 2016 will always be extra special at CUPA as we welcomed a brand new, beautiful resident – baby filly Xena.Her mother is Zoya, a gentle pony and resident of the Large Animal Rehabilitation Centre since she was rescued from abrupt abandonment. What Xena doesn’t know yet is that she is born with a deformity in her front legs, which means that she will stay within CUPA’s protected fort for life. Like all other young ponies, she prances around her mother, oblivious to her impediment. Only time will tell us what the universe has in store for this precious one.
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The beauty of giving dogs a safe space to be themselves, allows them to live life on their terms with each of their distinct personalities shining through. Meet Betsy. A 10 year old senior citizen, he sometimes wonders why he has a girl's name. But such norms are not important in the beautiful world of a dog. He enjoys his solitude, and yet will bound to you with a single call like a puppy! Come be a part of Betsy's world and the many dogs at our centre. Your support can help many senior dogs find a safe place they can call home for the rest of their days. Adopt | Passively adopt | Donate | Get involved
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Billy Boy & Master Cubbon

The practice of diary farming is known to be intensely cruel. Ten years ago, a scruffy little buffalo was being taken to a slaughter house when a kind Samaritan stopped them and purchased him for a mere Rs. 200. This scruffy lad became our Billy Boy who’s living out his cowboy fantasies at LARRC. He’s also doing a mighty good job at guiding Master Cubbon, who was more recently found wandering through Cubbon park. He was so tiny that he could have been mistaken for a dog! Luckily he was reported and rescued and found a home at LARRC. Billy Boy and Master Cubbon occasionally battle it out via a game of donkey kong and run the show at the center.The lives of these two could have turned out pretty tragic, or woefully short. Very recently, the Nepalese festival of mass-sacrifice, Gadhimai, was announced as discontinued with temple authorities urging devotees to stop animal sacrifice in future festivities. This translates into millions of animals – loving animals like our Billy and Cubbon – being saved from merciless and unnecessary death.Would you like to sponsor Billy and Cubbon while they live loved lives with us? Yes?! Then click here to donate to CUPA!
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Shiva was separated from his mother and abandoned for no fault of his – the reason being that he was born a male. He was found malnutritioned, weak from being being chased away, full of bruises and untreated wounds. After careful care and nourishing food he is now a handsome good natured young adult.From his distinct features we gather that he must be Alambadi Breed of cattle, known to have long narrow heads with prominent forehead and the sweeping horns which grow backwards, a deep body with well arched ribs. They are the natives of hilly regions.Sponsor this adorable boy at just Rs. 3,000 per month and help us keep him happy… the least we can do for this boy who has faced rough times so early in his tender life. Look at him, then and now! Your donation makes all the difference.
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Ugra & Dusheri

Ugra is a huge boy who is an escapee from a slaughter house, just before he was to be killed at the crack of dawn. As luck would have it, he stood still in front of a police station, causing hesitation in those who came to round him up. In the meanwhile, CUPA was summoned for help. It was a grueling task to bring him under control because he did not trust humans and was very angry. In his struggle for freedom he had sustained a lot of injuries but the anger and fight in him was still evident in his eyes.In the same week, Dusheri also escaped from the tethers of a slaughter house in the middle of the night and hid herself from the pursuing butchers in a residential community. The pursuers could not find her in the darkness of the night. Next morning early walkers noticed her and requested CUPA for help. Though exhausted from her midnight adventure she was still feisty but scared. It took nearly 5 hours to calm her down before bringing her to our Large Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Kengeri.In the beginning they did not know what it was to eat green grass or fodder. Both Ugra and Dusheri bonded, their wounds healed and they are now healthy and at peace. Ironically, Ugra and Dusheri belong to the breed Hallikar. They are the native breed of Mysore, Mandya, Hassan and Tumkur districts of Karnataka. It is one of the breeds that received the royal patronage from the then Princely State of Mysore. This breed is said to be the origin of Amrit Mahal Cattle.They are a happy couple but Ugra still does not trust humans. It goes to show animals remember the cruelty they have suffered.Please help us by sponsoring Ugra and Dusheri while they live happily in their permanent home with us! We welcome you to join in the CUPA extended family by supporting Ugra and Dusheri and their counterparts that are sure to come in, in the future Write to to sponsor… we’re waiting to hear from you!
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Muffin is just as sweet as the one you gobble with a cup of coffee! You don’t want to not meet him; he is a 12-year-old sweetheart who came from a well-known residential complex in Bangalore. Muffin can’t see(blind), but your love will sure brighten his life, so come and passively adopt him from CUPA-Geriatric centre (MGC)
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