Active Adoption

HELLO! Thank you for considering adopting a dog from CUPA.  Our shelters have some amazing dogs that are eagerly waiting to find a forever home and a loving family! Bringing home a pet is akin to welcoming a new family member and therefore a commitment to the pet’s health and wellbeing for its lifetime. This commitment has physical, emotional, and financial implications and therefore, before you decide to register with us as an adopter, please read through the following information carefully and make an informed decision.


Why Adopt?


Adoption is a very powerful way in which you can make a difference to the lives of not just the dog that you will be adopting, but also to other dogs indirectly.

  1. When you adopt a dog, you say NO to an illegal breeder. Backyard breeders are notorious for making the lives of the dogs miserable. They facilitate repeated impregnations of mother dogs, keep them in filthy conditions and when they age, discard them on the streets. You can learn more about this by doing a quick
  2. When you adopt a dog from our shelter, you give that dog a second chance in life with a loving family. Most of the dogs in our shelters were found abandoned by their previous owners/guardians on busy streets obviously lost, confused and vulnerable from suddenly being torn out of the safety of their former homes.
  3. Finally, when you adopt a dog, you make it possible for us to rescue one more desperately needy dog and give her a second chance in life. We get several calls every single day requesting for rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned dogs or those seized from cruel conditions. However, CUPA shelters have fixed optimal numbers to extend maximum care for attention and rehoming, beyond which it will not accommodate extra animals.

Therefore, our sincere request is, do not purchase dogs from illegal or uncertified breeders since your purchase encourages them to house dogs for breeding, in the worst and most inhumane conditions imaginable.  If you do not connect with any dog from our shelter, you could approach other shelters in the city, or look for adoption pages on Facebook, or wait. But, once again, no matter what happens, please ADOPT – DON’T SHOP!

Things to Keep in Mind as Adopters


  1. Many come to us expecting to adopt a dog of a particular breed. While we try and understand the reason behind the attraction for a specific breed, we cannot guarantee dogs of a specific breed. We believe every dog at our shelter deserves to get a loving home. However, if you are looking for a dog that has certain characteristics (e.g. small body size), the adoption Centre manager will be able to guide you with particular requirements.
  2. People usually have a preference for a puppy as they believe that early years are the most formative years and therefore important for building a good bond. While we understand the reason, since most of our rescues are older dogs, we don’t usually have many puppies. But that should not deter you from considering adopting an older dog, because you can still form really strong bonds with a grown dog and, additionally, our staff at the shelter have worked intensively with every dog to prepare them to be re-homed.
  3. Sometimes, people decide to adopt a dog imagining only the happy times without realizing that it is a responsibility that is, sometimes, more complicated than having a baby. Things to think about include, but are not limited to:
    1. Is there a possibility that you will have to shift frequently or leave the city?
    2. Do you anticipate any clashes with the neighbors/landlords which might force you to give her up later?
    3. While the dog will love you unconditionally, s/he may sometimes need extra attention, care and training. She will need to be taken on walks, exercised, have enough space to move about, she may fall ill and require you to spend money and time. Will you be able to give the attention that she might require?


What we recommend is that you come with an open mind and interact with the dogs at our shelter, have a detailed conversation with the counsellor, go back home, discuss with your family and then make an informed decision. We at CUPA will be always there to help and guide.


Ready to Adopt?


Read the above information and feel prepared to adopt? Hurray! Welcome aboard! please register as an adopter below.


  1. Much like the process of adopting a human baby, bringing home a dog requires patience. Our team will actively work towards finding you the right dog and you will be contacted only after you have completed the questionnaire, and we have identified the right match for you. Therefore, we kindly request you to be patient and not follow-up repeatedly.
  2. If you are curious to know what happens when we find a match and how long does it take to actually finish a successful adoption, please click here.


All the best! We cannot wait for you to meet your perfect comPAWnion!