Projects for Students

Projects and Internships for Students

Students are welcome to apply for full-time 2-8 week internships with CUPA and play a supporting role to the respective Manager.

Current student projects are:

  1. Design students (with a strong command over the English language): Design, create content and prepare CUPA’s Annual Report 2018-19
  2. Media students: Filming and documentation of CUPA’s activities 
  3. Fashion/ merchandise design students: Designing of the 2019 range of CUPA’s merchandise
  4. Student of any stream:Assisting the CUPA Accounts team in streamlining accounts papers and accounts
  5. Photography students: Photography of CUPA’s centres, functions and operations  
  6. Qualified veterinarians with experience only: Assist CUPA’s veterinarians in treatments for rescued animals at our shelters


Please write to if you are interested in applying for any of the above internships.