CUPA 10K Fundraiser Campaign

For the last 31 years, CUPA has been working tirelessly to save the lives of animals that have been abused, injured, abandoned or neglected.

With over 12 lakh animals treated so far and over 500 animals being cared for currently across their 6 centres in Bangalore, CUPA is now short of funds and struggling to survive.

Help CUPA reach 10,000 donors to sustain their work. Your contribution will provide essential resources, medical treatment, and rehabilitation, giving these animals the chance to heal and thrive.

You can donate 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 or any amount you wish to CUPA’s 10k fundraiser campaign. Every rupee you donate will bring us one step closer to a world where every animal is cherished, protected, and loved.

Your generosity matters. Countless innocent animals need your help. CUPA needs your help.

For more details or queries, write to before you decide to make your contribution.

Help us continue our life-saving work. Together, we can make a difference!

CUPA 10K Fundraiser Campaign