Animal Birth Control – Dogs

CUPA's ABC initiative is directed towards stray animals and not pets. If you wish to get your community dog(s) neutered kindly contact our Cupa Spay & Neuter Centre.

The Animal Birth Control surgeries take place at the Cupa Spay & Neuter Centre located in  Sarjapur Road, as part of a paid programme. The intention was to cater to areas outside the BBMP purview, areas that are mostly along the city outskirts are facing the problem of an unchecked and growing dog population. These surgeries are provided at a nominal cost and CUPA handles the entire procedure from catching of the dog to providing postoperative care and release in the same area. A total of 1300 dogs have successfully been sterilized and vaccinated in the last one year.

The program is also extended to citizens who required their community dogs to be spayed without incurring too high a cost. These areas are usually not covered by the government ABC program or the guardians did not wish to avail of it.

CUPA intends to further step up the program by doubling the number of vaccinations and sterilizations performed in a year.



Kindly fill in the form below if you would like CUPA to conduct a sterilization drive in your neighbourhood.