Foster Care

Foster Parenting is for adult dogs and puppies as well as for adult cats and kittens.

Very often, puppies and kittens come to us at an early stage and the requirements of looking after infants cannot be met at the shelter which has to cope with many other injured and sick animals.

We are deeply indebted to any animal lover for looking after and nurturing these animals, till they can be brought back for adoptions when they are a little older. Adult dogs, too, sometimes need socializing and what better than at the home of an animal lover! These dogs stand a much better chance of being adopted by good homes, once they have gone through the care and affection of a foster home. After the critical phase is over in the animal’s life, the animal should be fed as homely and natural food that all homes can easily afford, ideally the animal should not have got used to packaged diets, which can be both expensive and unhealthy in the long run.

CUPA, would sponsor the animal feed and medicines for these animals when they are under foster parenting according to the vet’s adivce.

There are many animals which are available for Foster parenting :-

Dogs, Pups, Kittens, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs

All animals can be fostered until, we find a home for these lovely angels.

For more info on Foster parenting please write to us at

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