Too Little, Too Late


Amongst the various forms of animal cruelty, the horrific plight of donkeys has always gotten lost in the crowd. Here we present the case of an abandoned donkey that CUPA found on June 10th 2017, in a dismal condition due to malnutrition, dehydration and exhaustion.

The donkey was found near a drainage area, with a dog bite and severe maggots along with sand stuck all over the body; the skin had turned crepitus, and the donkey was dehydrated and exhausted. According to the doctors, the wounds were at least 3-4 days old.

Once rescued, the donkey was given immediate medical attention by our doctors. The maggots were removed manually and the donkey was given a warm water bath. The wounds were cleaned the necrotic tissues were trimmed and cleansed.  This resilient animal fought bravely, responded gently to us and even seemed to show some improvement, but unfortunately, succumbed in the night, finally giving up to the brutal exploitation that he had faced.

At CUPA, we know how intelligent, loving and friendly donkeys are. However, at the cruel hands of their owners, they never get the chance to express their playfulness and adorably clumsy behaviours! Please minimize the use of animals and animal products in your day-to-day life, and give them the break that they deserve.




~ Article authored by CUPA summer intern Ms. Kangan Kher