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In case of donations made through IMPS/NEFT/Paytm, kindly email your transaction ID, Name, Address and Contact Number to in order for the receipt to be generated.
All donations made to CUPA are exempt from Income Tax under section 80G, of the IT Act.

Bengaluru International Airport
The last thing to cross off your checklist before leaving the city? A donation to CUPA, of course! Two un-missable CUPA donation boxes now at the departure gates of our very own Bangalore International Airport. Do your bit for animals, even if last minute!
Open you hearts and donate food to the dogs and cats in care of CUPA, Bangalore. Click here to donate now!
Himalaya's companion care
Himalaya is leading the way as a brand to encourage people to adopt dogs. For the second year now, Himalaya’s Build a Bond campaign has been promoting pet adoption in partnership with CUPA, sponsoring everything needed for their care and nutrition. Three past adoptees have since found happy homes and five lovely pets are now under Himalaya’s care!. If you already have a furry companion, you could buy herbal actives based products for your companion’s wellness routine from the online Himalaya store!