Report Injured Animals

What do you do if you see an injured animal?

  1. If the animal is familiar to and friendly with you and allows you to touch him/her – please pick up the animal and take it to the nearest veterinary clinic or hospital for first aid and pain relief.
  2. If the animal is unfamiliar or unfriendly and is severely injured – this is where CUPA can help. Call our helpline 080 22947300 / 301 and explain the situation to the receptionist.
  3. Cases of skin allergies and rashes only become worse in the shelter and pass on to the animals. These are best treated outside a shelter, perhaps just within your home compound
  4. Victims of accidents and road rage who are likely to need surgery and intense treatments are the ones that get a priority pick up.

Report Cruelty to Animals

What amounts to cruelty?

  1. Pets chained all day long
  2. Pets confined in kennels/ cages with little or no scope for movement or exercise
  3. Lack of hygiene around the animal, place of keeping unclean/ untidy
  4. Pet neglected for a large part of the day, continuous barking without respite
  5. Pets seen with open, unattended wounds
  6. Female dogs repeatedly used for breeding, obvious by enlarged mammary (feeding) glands near the stomach, particularly of popular breeds such as Labradors, German Shepherds, Pugs, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Great Danes, and now, Siberian Huskies (!)
  7. Pets left alone while the family travels
  8. Pets kept on terraces or open spaces without shade from the sun or rain
  9. Pet shops keeping animals in unacceptable, unhygienic and uncaring conditions

If you are witness to any of the above, please click a photo and fill the form below.

As per our organizational policy, your personal details will remain confidential. Our inspectors are authorized to inspect the dog and the living conditions provided. The officer gives a strict warning to the owners of the animal with a brief introduction to the animal welfare laws that clearly states that animal cruelty is a serious and punishable offense. Pet confiscations are a last resort and are conducted in conjunction with the local police.


Fill the form below to report cruelty to animals.

Kindly contact our Trauma Centre 080 22947300 / 301 in case of animal injury.