Dear CUPA,

On Feb 19th, 2012, we adopted Pommie from your shelter in Hebbal. He had early stage kidney failure and it was estimated that he would have about one year to live. We were moving to US after one year, so we thought we’d give him a good life for his remaining time. But with good doctors and lots of loving care, his health improved very quickly. Pommie ended up moving to the US with us and we enjoyed five great years together. People say that he was very lucky to find us, but honestly we were the lucky ones.

Sadly, he passed away exactly one year ago today, on March 19th, 2017. Today, on his first death anniversary, we are remembering him fondly and sadly.

You are doing great work in Bangalore, and we have made a donation in his honor. Attached are two photos – the day we adopted him and one of him enjoying running around Central Park in New York City.

Best wishes,
N & A