Plight of the Kathiawari

March is the month of colours, joy and unbound merry making, it is also the time when most cattle, camel and horse fairs take place in the states of UP, Maharashtra and Gujarat. The most popular horse breeds are the Sindhi, the Marwari and the Kathiawari; with people paying amounts up to five lakhs for a two year old. Sindhi horses are supposedly good runners and as such they are used in racing and also for Buggy pulling.
Here in India, white horses are used by Bridegrooms to arrive at the venue for their weddings or for pulling buggies because the colour white is considered pure, healing and spiritual. White also indicates beginnings and starting afresh and it represents purity and innocence.
There is a growing demand for white horses and every year new young horses are brought into the city with many of them being kept in inadequate stables in unhygienic conditions. When required they are bathed, covered with a drape and taken to the place of appointment.
The condition of the horse under the drape is anybody’s guess. The owners charge hefty amounts to rent these horses. In case the horse has an accident on the crowded streets of the city, instead of treating the injuries the horses are abandoned because the owner finds it not viable to spend money for treatment and does not want to wait for healing time which can be very long and tedious depending on the injuries, both mentally and physically.
In CUPA there are 2 such cases, one horse had a broken ankle healed and set in an incorrect way and was found abandoned on a busy street. Another, while pulling a stuck buggy had a fall and was injured very badly. The injuries take a long time to heal, need constant attention along with good nourishing food, massages, medications and hygienic paddocks.
Horses by nature are extremely sensitive, are one man animals and have untold loyalty towards the caretaker and have a fantastic memory power. Unfortunately all these wonderful traits go unnoticed in our world. We treat them like commodities and cast them away when they require our help the most.
Help CUPA by sponsoring these two once beautiful horses to get them back to their healthy days.

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