Ugra & Dusheri

Ugra is a huge boy who is an escapee from a slaughter house, just before he was to be killed at the crack of dawn. As luck would have it, he stood still in front of a police station, causing hesitation in those who came to round him up. In the meanwhile, CUPA was summoned for help. It was a grueling task to bring him under control because he did not trust humans and was very angry. In his struggle for freedom he had sustained a lot of injuries but the anger and fight in him was still evident in his eyes.In the same week, Dusheri also escaped from the tethers of a slaughter house in the middle of the night and hid herself from the pursuing butchers in a residential community. The pursuers could not find her in the darkness of the night. Next morning early walkers noticed her and requested CUPA for help. Though exhausted from her midnight adventure she was still feisty but scared. It took nearly 5 hours to calm her down before bringing her to our Large Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Kengeri.In the beginning they did not know what it was to eat green grass or fodder. Both Ugra and Dusheri bonded, their wounds healed and they are now healthy and at peace. Ironically, Ugra and Dusheri belong to the breed Hallikar. They are the native breed of Mysore, Mandya, Hassan and Tumkur districts of Karnataka. It is one of the breeds that received the royal patronage from the then Princely State of Mysore. This breed is said to be the origin of Amrit Mahal Cattle.They are a happy couple but Ugra still does not trust humans. It goes to show animals remember the cruelty they have suffered.Please help us by sponsoring Ugra and Dusheri while they live happily in their permanent home with us! We welcome you to join in the CUPA extended family by supporting Ugra and Dusheri and their counterparts that are sure to come in, in the future Write to to sponsor… we’re waiting to hear from you!