Smokey a 3 month old foal, born in Adugodi, Bangalore and from birth was denied his mother’s milk and nourishment. The reason for this is the growing use of donkeys milk for human consumption. A teaspoon of donkeys milk is worth Rs 200-250, believed to have mind-blowing, out-of-the-world (and, completely baseless) properties. Young donkeys mouths are fixed with baskets to deny them the ability to drink.Due to the heat and lack of nourishment, Smokey developed a rectum prolapse and thankfully in the nick of time rescued by CUPA. He has undergone surgery for the rectum prolapse and is making a steady recovery! Smokey has been shifted from our Hebbal Rescue Centre to our Large Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre (LARRC) last weekend where he has the wonderful company of his kith and kin. We appeal for sponsorships for lil Smokey to continue his treatment and care at CUPA. Send an email to to let us know about your donation and also if you would like to visit Smokey!