Our tiny Pomeranian comes with a birth defect (thank the breeders for this) she’s lost an eye and has problems with the other. She very sweetly tilts her head when she hears her name and comes carefully to greet you. Her vision impairment doesn’t inhibit her ability to love; she shows you she loves being pet by resting her head on your lap and by following you around the centre. She’s well adjusted at our large centre and is at home. She knows the land, the dogs and the caretakers and enjoys frolicking as much as she enjoys resting.

This gentle and tender member of our large MGC family needs a guardian angel, you can passively adopt her, visit her and get to know her better.

Meet Kohl at our CUPA Geriatric Centre, Mylappanahalli, Bangalore
For more information call on 080 22947317
or email us on communications@cupaindia.org