Billy Boy & Master Cubbon

The practice of diary farming is known to be intensely cruel. Ten years ago, a scruffy little buffalo was being taken to a slaughter house when a kind Samaritan stopped them and purchased him for a mere Rs. 200. This scruffy lad became our Billy Boy who’s living out his cowboy fantasies at LARRC. He’s also doing a mighty good job at guiding Master Cubbon, who was more recently found wandering through Cubbon park. He was so tiny that he could have been mistaken for a dog! Luckily he was reported and rescued and found a home at LARRC. Billy Boy and Master Cubbon occasionally battle it out via a game of donkey kong and run the show at the center.The lives of these two could have turned out pretty tragic, or woefully short. Very recently, the Nepalese festival of mass-sacrifice, Gadhimai, was announced as discontinued with temple authorities urging devotees to stop animal sacrifice in future festivities. This translates into millions of animals – loving animals like our Billy and Cubbon – being saved from merciless and unnecessary death.Would you like to sponsor Billy and Cubbon while they live loved lives with us? Yes?! Then click here to donate to CUPA!