Bhalu is the centre’s very own Big Friendly Giant. We assume that he is so big because of his ginormous heart. He is a 10 year old German Shepherd found abandoned due to a particularly nasty skin infection, because of which his fur has been shaved off. Bhalu, like all wise dogs, has never let his problems diminish his enjoyment and enthusiasm for life. His explorative and curious nature makes him something of a resident detective. He has made it his mission to thoroughly investigate every person who visits the centre by sniffing at them head to toe! He loves to scout and roam all over the centre. Despite his great size, he is the very soul of sweetness and a gentler dog cannot be found. Give him some love by visiting him at the CUPA Geriatric Centre, Mylappanahalli, Bangalore.

For more information on how you can sponsor or meet Bhalu, call on 080 22947317
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