Out reach and Camps

Programs, Awareness and Outreach

Compassion is a universal language that everyone can speak!

Animals are the best source of joy, company and friendship. Animals understand us very well and with a little bit of training, most of us will be able to understand them too!

We spread awareness in a variety of ways. Write to us if you:

  • Would like to conduct an awareness session at your school, college or workplace
  • Arrange a group visit to a CUPA shelter
  • Would like to sponsor an event at a CUPA shelter
  • Help organize an awareness/ merchandise stall at your workplace or public event

Large working animals need care and relief too. Cows used for milk, bulls or ponies used to pull loads and donkeys used by dhobis are almost always overworked. CUPA organizes healthcare camps for these large animals in both urban and rural settings when specific funding for the same comes in. Owners of these animals are cautioned and advised against exploiting animals, and are given supplements and animals that they can continue providing to the animal.

Contact us on cupablr@cupaindia.org to help organize and sponsor a large animal healthcare camp, and touch the lives of animals that would have otherwise never been touched.