Malhar – The 3-hooved trooper!

Life has put him through the paces and the trooper that he is, Malhar came through with flying colours.

In August this year, after a teenager spotted two injured ponies in Belagavi and called out for help, it set off a chain of events. Both were abandoned and one of them had a nearly-detached left hoof due to strangulation of the rope with which they had been tied up. In spite of the advised euthanasia, Compassion Unlimited Plus Action – CUPA took the call, against all odds, to give this pony a fighting chance. He was named Malhar and his mate, Mastaan. Both were brought in to the Large Animal Rescue Centre, under difficult circumstances, where Malhar went through a grueling 4-hour amputation surgery.

He has fought just as hard as the CUPA Team to beat the odds and get back on his feet. And here is the exciting update. He is doing way more than just stand. Malhar took his first strides in a shiny new prosthetic, given by a generous donor!

Amongst gentle urging and encouraging nuzzles, Malhar strode out confidently and is now getting used to his new artificial hoof. He requires a nourishing diet of oats and daily dressings for the wound. Malhar food and medical care totals to Rs. 10,000 each month. We request generous citizens to passively adopt this brave pony and donate liberally so that his recuperation efforts go ahead unhindered. CUPA would be grateful for any sponsorship, whatever be the amount of your choice.