Life membership

Life membership

Life Memberships are the life support of an organisation. Members give the courage and confidence to speak about animal welfare issues, take up diverse projects and represent the organisation in different forums. The life membership support helps to build up the organisation’s reserve funds which are used in times of emergency.

Life members are vital and necessary for an organisation to be relevant. Since they constitute an important part, all life membership applications are presented at the Board, so that trustees are aware of the interest and background of each life member.

We invite you to strengthen CUPA’s hands by becoming a Life Member of the organisation by downloading the form and sending back the application with a cheque for Rs. 3000.00 to the CUPA office address.

Life Membership Registration Form
CUPA Admin Office
Kensington Apartments, Flat D, Ground Floor,
18/1 Ulsoor Main Road, Ulsoor,
Bangalore 560 008, Karnataka India
(Mon to Sat, 9.30 am to 5.30 pm)
Ph: 080 22947317
All fields are required

On my being approved and accepted as a Life member of CUPA, I accept and will abide by the Policies and Regulations of the Organisation. I will at no point, go
against the Organisation, singly or in concert with others at any time intended to deliberately bring down the efficiency & reputation of the Organisation, in public or