Let’s Give This Horse some Horse Power and Love


In another major animal rescue operation, Team CUPA rushed to the aid of a horse located in Belgaum, when photos of the horse with a severed forelimb began doing the rounds on social media. The forelimb was so badly severed, that, at first glance anyone would wish that the image was not real. However, CUPA contacted locals in Belgaum to check the location and was shocked to learn that this horse was very much there, seemingly abandoned by his owner when he sustained this life-threatening injury.

Our team swung into action and prepared for the 8-hour journey to Belgaum to rescue the horse. A team comprising of a manager, a veterinarian and two trained animal handlers made the over night journey to the Belgaum, found and treated the horse the next morning and arranged for a mini-van to transport them all back home. It was a tight squeeze for the team who did everything possible to make the horse comfortable first.

Despite immense pain and great difficulty moving and walking, the horse has sensed that he is in good hands and has settled down easily for numerous rounds of treatment since his arrival. Only strings of ligaments were keeping the foot attached to the rest of the limb. The detachment had resulted in complete disorientation of the limb, causing it to turn backwards. 

After a grueling 4-hour surgery, a rod had been inserted into Malhar’s leg and the foot bandaged and supported. Every couple of days since then, the bandaging is being changed and the healing is monitored. We are happy to report that gentle and strong Malhar is making a speedy recovery and we are waiting for the day in the near future when he will take his first confident walk on all fours!

His diet of oats and grains, the bandaging materials used to protect his leg, his medicines and painkillers and everything else that is being provided is swiftly burning a hole in our pocket. Now that Malhar is on the road to recovery, there is no turning back! YOU CAN HELP BY DONATING

– Rs. 3,000 for his weekly care
– Oats
– whole grains
– big cotton rolls
– bandaging materials

Contact us on communications@cupaindia.org or 080 22947317 to sponsor or visit Malhar.

We are Malhar’s family now!