If You Run an Unlicensed Pet Shop, You Have Reason to Worry – 10 FEBRUARY, 2017

After a tip off from the local residents, a dungeon-looking house-cum-petshop in KR Puram, Bangalore was inspected and found to be keeping several pedigree pups, cats and kittens, white mice, and birds in severely inadequate conditions including rusty metal cages that in turn were kept on the footpath to attract buyers without the basic provision of food or water for the confined animals.

Such unlicensed pet shops seem to be mushrooming all over the city simply because of the demand for these animals, most of which do not survive long after they are bought due to severe illnesses obtained while kept in the pet shop. Not only are these petshop outfits illegal, they are also unethical in their methods of producing and housing the animals.

CUPA’s animal welfare inspector wasted no time in coordinating the confiscation and rescue of these animals, and in conjunction with the local authorities, soon had the suffering and malnourished animals transferred to CUPA care centres where they will recuperate, and be ready for adoption just in time for the Adoption Day event, being conducted at our Hebbal Rescue Centre on Sunday, February 19, 2017.

If you would like to adopt or sponsor a rescued animal, please get in touch with us on: communications@cupaindia.org.