ICC Cricket World Cup – Trophy Tour at CUPA

This year CUPA tied up with the International Cricket Council (ICC) to be their NGO partner and provide a fun day out with our four legged friends. As part of the trophy tour, a match was organized between two CUPA teams and was joined in by our lovely residents at the CUPA Second Chance Adoption Center. The day provided for some much needed relaxation and quality time for the hard working boys that make up our ground teams. Along with playing an exciting match between colleagues they were also treated to the sight of the original gold and platinum cricket world cup which team India won after 28 years, needless to say the excitement was almost palpable.
It was an exciting eight over match where hidden talents and latent sportsmanship was brought out as both teams attempted to prove their superiority, coming close to hitting a hundred runs too! The dogs with eager eyes trained on every moment on the pitch were no less excited and could barely contain themselves.
Following the match a small photo op was conducted where the teams along with dogs posed with the trophy to join in supporting team India.