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Aruna is a very shy girl her speed and agility belies her 3-legged body. She was picked up from the streets due to an issue with her leg. The traumas of her past are known to her alone but with a tremendous amount of care from our dedicated team and a diet of nutritious food, her stamina has improved and she now confidently carries herself and spends her days at CUPA’s Geriatric retirement centre. Passively adopting her will help cover the costs of her food, medicines and stay your contribution will help us give many other dogs a chance to live out their days in happiness.
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Meet our hyper-active, adorable resident at the Geriatric Centre-Kamlesh. He is what we call a jumpy, cuddly cracker! An affectionate, much-loved, perpetually joyful fellow, Kamlesh is treasured by all who meet him and quite a crowd puller at CUPA’s Geriatric centre. Adopt him passively today it allows us to give many more dogs a chance at living out their days in peace, comfort and surrounded by love.
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A little ball of happiness, Mothi is a 10 plus senior Pomeranian. In hindsight, we should have named him Flash because when he runs it's almost as if he's floating in the air! Again, found abandoned like many other dogs, he was admitted at CUPA's geriatric centre .It's a joy to watch him playfully zip around and it's the perfect pick-me up if you're having a bad day! Passively Adopt Mothi from CUPA’s Geriatric centre and be his hero and oh, he would make a lovely companion too.
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