Fund Raising



Foxy is an eleven-year old brown and white Indie with a very calm temperament. She spends almost all her time at the center relaxing in the shade of the gazebo. Her aged body does appreciate massages and she’s the best companion if you’re just looking to unwind with a good book.
Rs.950.00 donated


This 8-year old Indie has unfortunately lost his sight to cataract and is completely blind. Gunda is living proof of the phrase “Love is BLIND”, because that’s what this dog is; a huge bundle of love. After he gets used to you, he will sit next to you till you pet him to his heart’s content. A small display of affection goes a long way with dear Gunda.
Rs.2,000.00 donated


Antonio is a young goat who was found in a storm water drain badly bruised. He was treated, nursed, kept in isolation and given good food. The little boy soon gained strength, recovered from his injuries and was sometimes confused into thinking that he was a dog, since he was recuperating in CUPA’s Trauma Centre which has over 80 dogs at any given time.He is now at the Large Animals Centre, center of attraction. When not in his enclosure he is taken for a walk with a leash much to the amusement of everyone around.
Rs.1,800.00 donated