Fund Raising


Help Save Lives: Support CUPA’s Lifesaving Mission for Injured and Needy Animals

With over 12,00,000+ animals treated till date at CUPA, your donations help save the lives of injured, sick & needy animals Everyday CUPA treats 20+ community & abandoned animals - free of charge at our trauma centre. Over 150+ abandoned, blind, senior & handicapped rescues reside in CUPA shelters. These animals are survivors of cruelty, trauma or were abandoned by their families who left them to die. We need your help to sustain the lives of these innocent animals, provide medical care & meals. The smallest donation can help sponsor a meal or medication to save a life. (All donations are tax exempt).
Rs.2,000.00 donated

Donate to Help Second Chance Adoption Centre

CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre Houses 120+ dogs at any given point in time. Most of these dogs were found abandoned on the streets, confiscated from cruelty or abuse or just given up by their owners. All these dogs are currently under rehabilitation and we require to raise funds to help the centre run. Expenses like food, medical care, man power and other overheads will be covered by your generous contribution. The centre takes great care in ensuring the dogs are rehabilitated before going to good homes for adoption. The centre is currently drying up from funds and we need your help! Any and all contribution to our cause would be helpful for the resident dogs.
Rs.241,200.00 donated


Aruna is a very shy girl her speed and agility belies her 3-legged body. She was picked up from the streets due to an issue with her leg. The traumas of her past are known to her alone but with a tremendous amount of care from our dedicated team and a diet of nutritious food, her stamina has improved and she now confidently carries herself and spends her days at CUPA’s Geriatric retirement centre. Passively adopting her will help cover the costs of her food, medicines and stay your contribution will help us give many other dogs a chance to live out their days in happiness.
Rs.1,700.00 donated