We at CUPA are heartbroken at the loss of Mohan Achari, one of our core team members, thanks to whom so many dogs were saved from lives of cruelty and abuse. Mohan was our Animal Welfare Officer who never turned down a request to attend any cruelty case, no matter how dangerous the circumstances were. For him, the animal always came first. Mohan suffered a brain hemorrhage on the 17 of November 2020, and despite the best efforts, he passed away last night. He is survived by his wife and two children, we cannot imagine the loss they are going through right now. No words will be enough to express our grief. We are grateful to have known Mohan and the to have had the privilege of working with him. We are sure Mohan will be welcomed with open arms into the heavens for all the lives he saved on earth. Rest In Peace dear Mohan, you will be terribly missed. Mohan was the sole breadwinner of their family and we at CUPA would like to personally help support his family till they are able to get on their feet. If you would like to contribute to his family too, please click on the link below.
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Sponsor Hay for Horses, Donkeys, Cows & Other Large Animals

What does it take to run a shelter for abandoned, sometimes ill treated, many times injured yet almost always spirited large animals? It takes a dedicated team of selfless individuals and a truckload of determination against the ever increasing odds. The hardwork and expertise of our veterinarians and staff; our group of enthusiastic and committed volunteers and most importantly YOU, our kind, compassionate donors! CUPAs Large Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center (LARRC) is home to 100+ large animals including cattle, buffaloes some we’ve seen grow up from mere babies, beautiful horses, delightful donkeys (you should watch them try to sing along to violins) and the odd goat or two. We treat accident victims across Bangalore, many are undergoing various stages of treatment. Just the cost of feeding all these hungry mouths per month is approximately 3 Lakhs. You can help by donating towards purchasing HAY that these animals need all year round!
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Sponsor Medical Treatments of Animals in Need

CUPA is working towards ensuring shelter and stray animals are taken care of. Our brave frontline vets and medical attenders are constantly ensuring that sick or injured animals are treated on a daily basis to ensure speedy recoveries. Sponsor medical treatments of animals in need during these difficult times. Every contribution counts. The lockdown has been very difficult for us since we are working with skeletal staff who are putting in so much more efforts to ensure our operations continue to run as smooth as possible. Every animal is important to us. Sponsor treatments of Animals in need. Be compassionate!
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Sponsor A Meal Campaign

CUPA needs funds to feed 400+ animals in our shelters and community animals around us. We are running our centres with skeletal staff who are working tirelessly to ensure animals are fed and cared for. Be compassionate and donate a sum to help us during these trying times. We will be feeding dogs in different areas of Bangalore. Every contribution counts!
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Help Save CUPA Geriatric Dogs

DOGS AT CUPA GERIATRIC CENTRE NEED YOUR HELP! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the CUPA Geriatric Centre in Mylappanahalli is being forced to shut down! This would mean that the 50+ elderly dogs will be displaced and homeless. This center was set-up to cater to dogs with special needs as many are handicapped and need regular medical care for various ailments such kidney problems, liver problems, cardiac issues, etc
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