Baby Nakul…our X-mas miracle!


Nakul’s only fault is being born male! Imagine the trauma of the mother and her new-born…within an hour of a pregnant cow delivering this male calf on a footpath, the owner appears and whisks away the mother by force. The infant calf is left to die. This was on Christmas morning and we at CUPA, know that miracles really do happen!

A good Samaritan intervened and lucky Nakul is now at CUPA’s Large Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre. He is being bottle-fed like many of the infants before him, who have landed at the Shelter for similar reasons. He thinks his mom is coming when he sees the milk bottle being readied and joyfully makes a run towards it. But there is much care that a mother gives her calf besides feeding. CUPA can fill up just a miniscule part of that void and replicate that nurture in a shadow of a way. Cows lick their new-borns. This is a bonding process by which a cow identifies her new calf and commits to caring for and protecting it. In the absence of this, we took turns to massage and cuddle him! Baby Nakul needs at least 3 litres of nourishing milk. Please do come forward to donate for the care of little survivor.