CUPA is very excited to announce that 156 beagles (age range of 2 to 5 years) are getting ready for a May 2016 release to CUPA for rehabilitation and rehoming. This is a mammoth task, one that we are confident of completing successfully, as we are determined to place every single dog into loving, deserving homes.

These beagles have lived their entire lives in small metal cages. Due to lack of exposure to the outside world, they need to learn every little nuance of living in a home – using the stairs, toilet training, coming up to people for a cuddle, going on walks or even playing with a toy. They are right now identified only by numbers. They need names, a real identity. From past experience we know that with lots of patience and understanding, they all learn to become much loved companion animals despite where they come from. You will receive all the guidance required from families who have adopted laboratory rescued beagles from our previous rescues.

All the dogs are vaccinated and sterilized (they cannot produce puppies). Adoptions out of Bangalore are possible, only and ONLY if the family is willing to come down to meet the adoption team, go through the adoption process and accompany the beagle back home with them (air transfers not recommended). We will not entertain requests to transport the beagles anywhere neither will proxy adoptions be allowed.

The adoption process:

1. You need to fill up an online form with all the required details. Persons younger than 21 years of age are not eligible to apply.

2. Each form will be reviewed and those whose application meets our criteria will receive a phone call from a member of the adoption team.

3. After the telephone screening and counseling, if the family is fit and ready to adopt, they will be invited to attend the adoption camp. Families that walk in without going through the previous steps will not be allowed to adopt.

4. Families are encouraged to spend time with the dogs and choose the dog they feel a connection with, without stressing too much on wanting the youngest dog. Age has absolutely no bearing on their ability to adapt to a home environment. Adoption counselors will be present to help match the right kind of dog to the family.

5. Family would need to fill out the paperwork, submit relevant documents and take the beagle home.

We request you to have patience and faith in our adoption process, as it has been designed keeping only the beagles’ best interest in mind. An operation of this nature, with 156 laboratory beagles coming up for rehabilitation and rehoming at one time, is unprecedented anywhere in the world. With the sheer number of applications we usually receive, it will be impossible for us to inform each applicant about the progress with their application. Timely updates on the numbers of dogs adopted will be made available on the CUPA Facebook page. We request you kindly to not call any of the CUPA centres to demand an explanation as it hampers all the work that we do on a daily basis. Thank you for your understanding.