Trauma and Rescue Centre

“Rescue: it’s not just a verb, it’s a promise”

If you’re near an injured domestic animal/ have spotted one and would like to report it to CUPA kindly contact 08022947300/301 to reach our Trauma Centre. Kindly be careful while approaching injured animals.

The Trauma Centre is located at Hebbal behind the Veterinary College Building. We receive over 20-30 calls each day about injured animals, injuries ranging from skin infections to severe spinal injures and road accidents. It is constantly abuzz with the admission of injured animals picked up from all over the city, our two ambulances run all over the city to pick up the worst cases hoping to give them a second chance at life.

The Trauma Centre is the forefront of CUPAs promise to take action and care of those in severe need, it is home to over 60 injured, stray or abandoned animals at any point in time. We ensure that they receive the required medical attention, regular follow ups and love and attention from our staff.

Upon recovery, most of these animals are returned to their home territories where they continue their lives amongst us. Feeding a stray animal is perhaps the best thing that you can do to make a small, yet big difference! Our shelter is like a hospital, a place to visit only when medical attention is needed.

Some dogs are transferred to the Adoption Centre where they are taken care of until they transit onwards to new and loving homes. Cats and dogs are neutered before re-merged into the community. We depend very much on animal lovers everywhere to take care of community animals, ensuring their day-to-day care, and reporting them to us in time of medical emergency.

Reach Us

CUPA Trauma Centre
For the rescue and treatment of sick and injured stray animals

KVAFSU, Veterinary College Campus,
Bellary Road, Hebbal
Bangalore 560024
Ph: +91 080 22947300/ 22947301
Open from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

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