Little Gowri checks into LARRC

CUPA received a call about a two day old calf whose leg was injured. The calf was lying in pain near a garbage bin in BTM layout. The CUPA rescue team rushed to the spot and picked up the calf. The mother was in the vicinity but the team found it hard to catch her since she was feral. So the calf was taken to CUPA Large Animal Rescue Centre where first aid was administered and it’s leg was put on a cast.

The Centre luckily had a lactating cow who fed the calf. We were determined to reunite mother and calf so after a few days when the calf was in better health, the calf was taken back to lure the mother. Upon seeing her baby, she ran towards her in utter joy and the team managed to catch her to bring her back to the centre. Little Gowri is now happy and getting better at the Large Animal Rescue Centre. She has a good doctor and a loving mother at her disposal at all times. If you would like to help these two and sponsor their feed and little Gowri’s treatment, write to or click here to donate

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