Large Animal  Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre

“Some angels choose fur instead of wings”

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CUPA’s Large Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center (LARRC) is a sprawling 2 acres of open green space located in Kengeri, Bangalore. Inaugurated in January 2012, this center was set up to provide refuge and safety to large working animals such as cows, buffaloes, donkeys, horses and ponies that are critically injured. These animals are usually owned because they provide a source of income for the owner, be it in dairy units, transporting of goods, load-pulling and agriculture but are often ‘allowed’ to roam free in search of food. They are huge, strong animals with high nutritional needs, which owners make little effort to provide, resulting in the animal’s health taking a turn for the worst very early in life. Weak animals are of no economic value and are therefore mercilessly abandoned, left to fend for themselves when they needed intense care the most.

These are the animals that make their way to LARRC. Recovery in large animals is a slow and gradual process and rehabilitation is challenging. This means that many of our residents stay for several months, with LARRC providing for them unconditionally.

While the large animal residents prefer to graze in tranquility for most of the day, it is LARRC’s very own pack of 30 Indie dogs that bring the center to life! All together, LARRC is a perfect blend of peace, happiness, joy, delight and fun! This center is a favorite with volunteers who come over to help with painting, cleaning, gardening, bathing, grooming and feeding.

Running this center is a challenging task as large as the animals themselves! In 2013 when the sole bore-well in the area ran dry, Deutsche Bank gifted LARRC a complete rainwater harvesting system that not only fully covers all our cleaning and drinking needs, surplus water has been irrigated and now the center flourishes with fresh feed and fodder that is grown in-house. In an attempt to go completely green, Deutsche Bank assisted us once again by installing a Biogas Unit to recycle manure, and in the pipeline is a Solar Lighting system to illuminate the premises between dusk and dawn.

Rural Outreach Camps

LARRC has also led the way in terms of reaching out to needy animals in isolated locations – a majority of agrarian villages located outside Urban Bangalore have high populations of cattle animals but no access to veterinary care. A team from CUPA consisting of doctors, supervisors, coordinators and volunteers in conjunction with the Karnataka Animal Husbandry Department as well as local authorities identify an economically challenged village and hold a healthcare camp for the animals, also providing awareness about their health needs to the owners. Backed up by sponsorship and donations, liberal quantities of supplements and medicines are handed out. De-worming en mass of sheep and goats is conducted as well as administration of vaccines for dogs. Anywhere between 400-1000 animals are treated at every camp, which are held as and when funding for the same comes in.

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Large Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Center 
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