Cats on Campus? They are Residents too!

Cats, like dogs, are community animals that live with us in all our neighborhoods. While dogs do not enter gated communities, high walls and security is not a barrier for our agile community cats. They enter closed communities very easily and make themselves comfortable in corridors and in the basement. They are clean, quiet animals that prefer to keep to themselves.

The proposed idea of removing/relocating cats is very inhumane, strictly illegal and completely ineffective in tackling the issue of increasing numbers of cats in the complex.

The humane, legal and effective method of dealing with the booming population is Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) which is procedure in which cats are caught safely in customized cages, taken to the veterinarian for sterilization/neutering and then returned to the community where they came from.

Over time, the cat population stabilizes as resident cats are territorial and will not allow new, unsterilized cats to enter the community.

Cat lovers/feeders in the community should be encouraged to get friendly with the cats and begin sterilizing cats that are easy to handle. Feeding community animals is the fundamental responsibility of all Indians, as stated in our Indian Constitution – Article 51 (g). Organizations, institutions and organizations that have planned and executed the TNR program have seen first hand the permanent and positive results of TNR and learnt to accept community animals amongst them.

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Neuter Strays

Neuter Strays