BBMP-CUPA Animal Birth Control Centre

“A dog need not be purebred to give pure love”

On February 1st, 2018, CUPA ceased to conduct the Animal Birth Control program in Bangalore city, due to non-payment of reimbursements by the BBMP for surgeries completed for almost one year. This resulted in an outstanding of Rs. 50 lakhs due to CUPA. We were therefore forced to stop conducting surgeries as we could not meet overheads and expenses anymore. 

We have since been paid in installments but a significant amount is still pending.

The Animal Birth Control program is being conducted by private operators and one NGO which operates in violation of all norms stipulated by the Animal Birth Control Rules of 2001. 

Humble, yet Historic Beginnings

The journey of initiating the program way back in 1994, before the Animal Birth Control Rules of 2001 were even drafted, was emotionally tough on all those involved in institutionalizing sterilization as a method of birth control.

Back in the early 1990’s, our community dogs were routinely caught and electrocuted indiscriminately as a means of controlling the population. This inhumane method also turned out to be ineffective, as stray dogs from Bangalore’s periphery would migrate to the city in order to fill the vacuum that is inevitably created where systematic garbage disposal is absent. After several years of meetings and follow up with the authorities, BBMP finally joined hands with CUPA in October 2000 to begin mass sterilization in the city. The very same facility that had electrocuted thousands of dogs was taken over by CUPA and renovated to include an equipped surgery room and secure kennels instead. Dogs continued to be caught but this time, it was done by trained CUPA handlers under experienced supervision.

For almost 24 years, until we stopped the program on February 1, 2018, CUPA averaged more than 500 surgeries a month. Two vans were sent out each day to achieve this aggressive number, and is the only way by which any change could have been achieved.

Anti-Rabies Vaccinations (ARV)

Every dog that is sterilized, is also vaccinated. But what about the clipped eared dogs that were sterilized last year and the year before and the year before that?

Anti- Rabies Vaccination has to follow a yearly schedule, both in pet and stray dogs. Any NGO involved in sterilization of community dogs needs to follow up every year by re-visiting the area and conducting a vaccination drive for all dogs over a number of days. By visiting the same wards in the same months each year, the vast majority of community dogs would be up to date in their vaccinations and are safe to live with us in our communities, with the risk of rabies well under control.

ABC Beyond Borders

Though the BBMP’s jurisdiction is Urban Bangalore only, CUPA attempts to reach out to dogs that are outside the city’s periphery (where the population is also higher) to neuter, vaccinate and thereby protect them from disease and discomfort. We are looking at starting sterilization drives in Sarjapur and surrounding areas, which are areas currently not allotted to any NGO by the BBMP. We especially thank US based NGO Help Animals India for extending valuable funds that fueled these ABC-ARC drives.

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