Adoptions at CUPA

You can adopt your new furry buddy fromthe CUPA centre closest to you:

The  Second Chance Centre, Silk Board Junction

The CUPA Trauma & Rescue Centre, Hebbal

The CUPA Geriatric Centre, Mylapanahalli

Why Adopt?

Let’s be more like animals and learn to love each other irrespective of color, size, shape, breed, race or name!

The joy in having a pet does not lie in buying him or her from a pet shop or a breeder. It doesn’t lie in how much you paid or what your neighbors think either! Pets will always be kids, depending on us for everything – meals, walks, vet visits, love and cuddles – but sometimes even this becomes “inconvenient” for pet parents. CUPA receives multiple calls every single day about pet dogs (Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Pugs, Pomeranians, Saint Bernards, Rottweilers, Great Danes and so on) seen on our busy streets obviously lost, confused and vulnerable from suddenly being yanked out of the safety of their former homes. Many of these dogs are picked up by CUPA and housed until suitable homes are found for them.

Indian dogs (yes, our very own streetie!) make perfect pets. They are as loving, smart, faithful and good looking as any foreign breed and definitely more strong and sturdy given their native roots! We have come to realize that only an enlightened and compassionate mind can see a streetie as “a breed apart!”

Take me home!

For any assistance with adopting or sponsoring a pet:

CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre
Ph: +91 81972 53047
CUPA Trauma and Rescue Centre
Ph: 080 2294 7300/301

What is passive adoption?

So what happens when you have lost your heart to one of these angels and you know that this one belongs with you. However, you can’t take them home; because of allergies, parents, or your job timings? What if your darling is a horse or a calf?! You can passively adopt! It is an arrangement where CUPA looks after the well being of your adoptee; we feed, walk, medicate and ensure that they are in the pink if health! You can always drop by and spend time spoiling him/her silly. Doesn’t that sound like a great deal?

Animals for Passive Adoption

For any assistance with adopting or sponsoring a pet:


What is foster care ?

Some animals, especially younger ones, require the protection and safety of a home environment to recover. Just like human babies, they need care and attention that no shelter can provide. This is where you can step in as a foster parent and provide a loving and nurturing home. Foster homes are invaluable when shelters are overcrowded. Being a foster parent can be very demanding! You will need to run after and clean up after them – basically keep an eye on them at all times! In return you get to cuddle with your foster child and enjoy his or her company without a permanent commitment.

Can I provide foster care?

You can certainly provide foster care to an animal when you are:

  1. Able to give complete attention to a recovering animal.
  2. Take it for regular walks and for vet visits while the animal is under your care.
  3. Cover a bulk of the associated feed, medical and maintenance expenses (CUPA can pitch in too!).
  4. When all members of the family are vaccinated against rabies and are open to having a pet at home.

How long do I need to foster?

It is best if the animal is fostered until a permanent and loving home is found. This is because too many transfers can be confusing and difficult for a young one. It is also very likely that our shelters will still be full – we receive over 20 calls a day for the rescue of injured or abandoned dogs, cats, calves, birds and more. Foster parents will take on an active role in finding the perfect new family for their ward.

For more details please send an email to with “Foster Care” in the subject line. Thank you!

For any assistance contact us